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Phimosis / Paraphimosis in Bhopal

The painful condition of phimosis makes it challenging to retract the penis’ foreskin. Boys and men are affected by it (Retraction of the foreskin covering the tip of the penis). Forcible retraction of the foreskin might result in tissue injury. The skin covering the tip of the penis is still tight and less malleable in newborn boys, making phimosis more likely. It’s also common for most babies and toddlers to initially struggle to retract the foreskin. With time, phimosis normally goes away or gets better on its own. By the age of three, the majority of males can completely retract their foreskin.
phimosis treatment in bhopal

A different foreskin disorder known as parapimosis prevents the foreskin from returning to its normal position, which restricts or eliminates blood flow to the penis. Because it impairs blood supply and needs to be treated in an emergency situation, it is a more serious ailment.

Since phimosis can cause pain or discomfort when urinating and difficulty having sex, circumcision may be required if the condition does not go away by adolescence.

Unless urinating is impossible, phimosis is rarely associated with major problems; nevertheless, paraphimosis is a medical emergency. Because it may cut off blood flow to the penis, the failure to retract or adjust the foreskin to its normal position poses a risk.