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Urethral Stricture Surgery

The tubes that move urine from the kidneys to the bladder are called ureters. Following an incident or surgery, scar tissue may develop in the ureter. Or it could develop as a result of a medical condition like endometriosis or cancer. The ureter becomes constricted due to scar tissue. When this happens, the ureter becomes blocked and urine backs up into the kidney. This might be painful. Additionally, it may cause kidney damage or urinary tract and kidney infections. Surgery to remove the stricture is known as urethroplasty (Uretero Ureteric Anastomosis/ureteric Reimplantation).

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Getting ready for surgery

Just like you were instructed, get ready for the procedure. In addition
  • Inform your physician of all medications you use. This covers dietary supplements and botanicals. Any blood thinners, such as warfarin, clopidogrel, or daily aspirin, are also included. According on your doctor’s instructions, you might need to stop taking any or all of them before surgery.
  • Observe any instructions given on the use of medication and the timing of meals and liquid intake prior to surgery. This includes any bowel preparation instructions.

Two Distinct Surgical Procedures

The procedure could be carried out using a number of tiny incisions (laparoscopy). Alternatively, a single, larger incision will be used (open surgery). The use of laparoscopy is not always appropriate. Additionally, open surgery may occasionally be required after a laparoscopic procedure for patient safety. Your doctor and you will talk about your alternatives.

A Laparoscopy

The doctor makes numerous small incisions in the belly to perform a laparoscopy. Through one of the tiny incisions, the scope is inserted. A video screen receives images from the abdomen via the scope. The other incisions are used to insert surgical instruments. Robotic laparoscopy is a procedure that the surgeon may employ. A 3-D vision of within the body is provided by the robotic system. Additionally, it facilitates the surgeon’s hand motions.

Open Surgery

One larger incision is made on the side above the ribs or in the abdomen for open surgery. This incision is visible to and used by the doctor.

Laser Stricture Surgery in Bhopal


In order to do this, a unique scope is advanced along the urethra until the stricture is discovered.

To cut the stricture and make a space, a knife blade or laser is utilised at the end of the cystoscopy. To keep the opening open and allow the wound to heal, a catheter may be inserted into the urethra. The length of the stricture determines how long the catheter tube should be left draining.